Friday, September 10, 2010

All About My Illustrations

You may have noticed that my new website has a section called Illustrations. I started making these pieces for my own wedding. I was inspired by seeing other weddings where the bride and groom displayed their parents' and grandparents' wedding photos. I think it is such a sweet way to recognize the people you love. But I wanted to add a modern twist.

Here is the one that I made of my mother's parents, as well as the original image that inspired it:

(You can see more on my new website!)

Here is what some of them look like framed. The color image is based of my husband's parents' wedding photograph, and the black and white one is, of course, of my Grandpa Sam and Grandma Gertie:

We displayed them at our wedding with some little signs said the names of each couple and their wedding date. That's me and my new husband in the center:

Aren't the flowers in on the table gorgeous? Our flowers were done by Jackie Just of Just Bloomed. She is amazingly talented and a fantastic person.

I also made a 4" x 6" framed illustration for each and every one of my wedding guests! They doubled as seating cards and favors.

Below is a photograph of two of our awesome (and adorable) guests with the piece that I made for them. I've been informed that my illustration is currently displayed in their family room. Love it!

There are so many other possibilities - save the dates, seating cards, an illustrated program, one large illustration that your guests can sign in lieu of a traditional guest book, or a giant image of you and your husband to display above the dessert table at your reception!

If you are interested in commissioning me to create and illustration for you, please send me the photograph(s) that you would like me to use as inspiration for the illustration. We'll talk print size, framing and other ideas.

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