Friday, October 21, 2011

K and R's Wedding: Part 2

K and R's wedding reception was filled with just as many unique details as their ceremony (which you can see by clicking here).  During the cocktail hour, guests were entertained with croquet, horseshoes, frisbee and bocce ball.

 Each guest got their own personalized glass mug to use all night and take home.

 Kim and Randie's guests were incredibly fun and fashionable:

Before the toasts began, one guest from each dinner table grabbed a bottle of champagne and went outside to pop the corks simultaneously!
After the toasts, K and R were each randomly given a shot glass filled with clear liquid. One had water and one had vodka. The thought was that whoever got the vodka shot would wear the pants in the relationship.
R got it. But K made it clear that while R would literally wear the pants, K would still metaphorically wear them.

 Soon an ice cream truck arrived with yummy treats!
 I love how the center cake matched Kim's wedding dress!
 There was also a special birthday celebration!
I asked K to answer a few questions about their wedding, and she graciously answered them here:

What song did you walk down the aisle to?
Songbird by Fleetwood Mac sung by our friend Emily Firth. The wedding party walked down the aisle to Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin.

Most memorable moment of your wedding day? 
When we got engaged and began planning our wedding same sex marriage wasn't legal in NY, so we wanted our ceremony to be very personal and involve our friends and family. The ceremony was the most memorable part of the wedding; since our family and friends wrote our vows and we didn't hear them until the wedding we were both really focused on being present and listening, but to narrow it down to a very specific moment...probably when K answered for R said "we do" to the vows. For everyone else we imagine it was when the ice cream truck arrived.

Could you tell me a bit about all the design elements? What you did yourself? What was fun about it?
We did pretty much everything ourselves and while it was tons of work it was all fun. Our friends and family came to help us set up that weekend and K's mom and family friend Mimi came up the week before to help finish crafts. The china was all from K's family either heirloom pieces or collected for the wedding. K's dad collected a hundred vintage bottles and we purchased small quilted canning jars that we filled we water and floating candles. We spent our engagement collecting vintage table cloths and napkins; every place setting was different. The burlap table cloths were a gift from a friend who used them in her wedding last summer. We made the runners from fabric we got at an antique fair. The fabric chandeliers were made from collected fabrics, trim and embroidery hoops. We bought the lights from We bought vintage handkerchiefs off ebay and silk screened our initials and and wedding date on them, every guests got one. Our friends helped us make rosemary cashews and K's grandmother's peanut butter fudge which we put in bags with handmade stickers with our initials and wedding date.

Our friend Nicole cut all the flags from scrapbooking paper and strung them around the barn. We purchased mason jar mugs for cocktails and used a dynamo to label them with guests' names, we made tons of little drink flags for each mug. The escort cards and place cards were paper tags we hand stamped and used a decorative punch on. We had tons of kids at the wedding so they all received kid boxes with age appropriate farm related toys; the infants got horse and cow onsies.

We set out a Polaroid for guests to take there own photos and write us notes. We cut vintage ribbon and asks guests to write a blessing and tie it to our chuppah before the ceremony (seven of which were read during the ceremony). For a guest book we set our recipe cards and asks guests for their "recipes for love". We collected cake stands and served five different flavored cakes by Maxine's Catering. The table numbers were frames we collected, backed with vintage fabric and hand cut numbers. We did actually purchase one thing...our love bird cake topper.

Any advice for those planning now? 
Be personal in as many ways as you can. The day should be about you, but it should also be a celebration of the people who taught you to love and inspired you to be who you are. It was really important to us that our guests felt taken care of and included, we wanted them to actively participate in our day. There were tons of ideas that never reached fruition, things we forgot to do, accidents that happened, but ultimately when they day comes you just have to let go and enjoy it; you're never gonna care about the little things that didn't work out because the absolute joy of the day is so overwhelming!

Anything else? 
After enjoying the process of planning my wedding and listing to the urging of friends and my wedding vendors I am starting my own wedding planning business Love, Honor & Be Gay. Utilizing my years of experience planning, designing, and directing theatre and events and my background in ritual studies I will be working with clients who are seeking queer and alternative weddings in Hudson Valley and New York City. The website is in the works, but for now people can reach me at

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