Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cat & Christian: Engaged!

Cat and Christian are one of those couples that you fall in love with instantly upon meeting them. They are so full of love and humor and cuteness that you can't help but want to spend the whole day with them and then end up at a local bar drinking and telling stories. Which is exactly how we spent their engagement shoot. The two of them live in Brooklyn, so we decided to visit two of their favorite Brooklyn haunts: Tom's Diner and Woodwork. If you haven't been to either of them, you must.
Tom's Diner (of Suzanne Vega fame) is such a cozy place. Cat and Christian are regulars there, and they always order the same meals.

The guy behind the counter told us about all the relationships that have began at Tom's (you know, as you wait in line for a table, and they bring you coffee, he sometimes asks single people to share the milk...and, well, he pointed out the wall of baby photos that are now Tom's Diner babies).

After an amazing egg cream and some cookies, we walked through Prospect Heights, and made our way to Woodwork.

Woodwork is this great bar that screens soccer games daily. Cat and Christian frequent the bar, and taught me all about picklebacks - whiskey shots with pickle juice chasers! Yum.

 Love Cat's stripey dress! It's so summery and fun.

Congratulations Cat and Christian! Can't wait for your wedding.


  1. I love this! So amazing, Dina :)

  2. Super duper love! The photos are gorgeous and you look fabulous! Love you xoxo.