Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eric & Erica - A Surprise Proposal!

Whenever someone contacts me because they know they want to propose to their significant other, and they want me to be there with my camera, I am thrilled and honored. In this case, I was also incredibly impressed. Eric decided to propose to his girlfriend Erica on one of her favorite benches in the city - located on the Hudson River. And then he planned a little picnic for Erica with all of her favorite things to celebrate!

With a little help from Erica's friend Jamie, we set up the picnic under a willow tree and waited for Eric and Erica to stroll through the park and find the bench. Which, by the way, is a very special bench.

From Eric: "There is this bench where when we were first dating, she told me it was her favorite spot in the city. Anyhow about two and a half years ago we went for a walk on a warm day Erica took me for a walk to her hidden thinking place and we sat together on one of these benches in this part of the park and she fell asleep on me and I knew something serious was cooking between us."
After Erica said yes, we walked around the park and then "stumbled" upon the picnic that Eric planned. It was set up on the lawn with her favorite things:  Luke's Lobster Roll, Prosecco, and a massive bag of gummy candy. How sweet!
 Their last names are Grey and White! Hence the picnic color scheme, and the napkins.
 Making some phone calls to share some fun news...
Congratulations Eric and Erica!!!!

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  1. Congratulations Eric and Erica! Thanks for sharing this special moment. This is the start of something BIG and I am so happy for the two of you! I wish you the best of God's blessing in your future together! You did good Bro!

    Sylvia Walton